We are very aware many people are feeling anxious during the COVID-19 crisis, some dreading going out or going back to work. We are now open for social distance sessions and will continue to run Zoom sessions for those that prefer staying home. 

Many people will feel anxiety about catching the virus still. They may also worry about their job security, finances, childcare, and how they might manage as self-isolation continues, along with worrying about what the future holds. We are here to help you manage things a little better. So please don’t hesitate if you feel you’d like to discuss some concerns in a confidential setting, over Zoom or live sessions. We are here to help….all You have to do is Ask! 

Please email us at protalkingtherapies@gmail.com to arrange a brief assessment over the phone, we can then set up Zoom Therapy for you.

The World Health Organisation has provided some welcome guidelines for managing distress during this difficult time:

  • Avoid listening to, watching or reading the news if it causes you to feel anxious or distressed.

  • Seek information only to help you to take positive actions to prepare and protect yourself and loved ones

  • Take positive actions to look after your own wellbeing, don’t ignore your anxiety but try and do something that you can control:

  • Stay connected with the people you care about

  • Catch up with things you have been meaning to do in the house or garden

  • Read a book, watch a boxed set, listen to music, cook

  • Practice Mindfulness, this can help you stay connected. There are apps you can download onto your phone (For example: Headspace or Calm)

  • Paying attention to your diet and hydration levels

  • Exercise – currently a brisk walk or cycle at a distance from others is still an option.

  • Continue to access sunlight and nature, get out in your garden or yard, if possible.