ZOOM Sessions

Zoom Therapy or Virtual Therapy.

We have managed Virtual Therapy Sessions now for over a decade. Originally designed for Clients unable to attend due to disability, or away through business or holidays and just didn’t want to miss a session. 

We now use Zoom, which is a service that enables video and audio conferencing. Zoom Therapy refers to online Therapy which allows you to work with your Therapist or Life Coach via video! Many people are exploring Zoom and other online Therapies, as it proves to be the most convenient and comfortable option.

Zoom Therapy:  How Does It Work?

Therapy via Zoom video offers comfort, convenience, and flexibility. It can ease the client’s mind, as they don’t have to worry about rushing to their appointment or commuting to and from if very short of time. Instead, you can attend wherever you deem suitable, be it from your couch, your dining room table, your desk, or your bed. As long as you can safely and comfortably work with your Therapist via video chat from the given space, you are ready to begin! 

Schedule a Zoom Session with PRO Therapy.

Remember: You don’t need to possess any serious technical skills. All you need is a computer or smartphone and internet connection to join your Zoom appointment. Additionally, we would suggest finding a safe and quiet space, so that you can best work with your Therapist! Payment will be made prior to your session usually via PayPal. 

To schedule your Zoom send us a brief email and we will give you call. We can and do help, All you have to do is ASK!

“I’ve been having therapy over Zoom for a month and it’s completely changed my perspective”